Group Conversation Guidelines

  • Mindful Speech: Speak only from your direct experience. Avoid drifting towards partisan issues which may shift our conversations to debate.
  • Deep Listening: Listen for the speaker’s experience, staying fully present. Hold the energy of “I am here for you.”
  • Confidentiality: Who you see here and what you hear here, stays here. You are free to share your experience with others, and how you were impacted, but don’t attribute them to a specific participant without their permission.
  • Brevity: Keep comments brief to allow maximum participation.
  • Accept direction from the group facilitator: They are responsible for keeping the discussion on topic and maintaining harmony in the group.
  • Nobody is to shame or blame anyone: We are the product of our environment. Much of what we learned as we were growing up wasn’t accepted intentionally. As adults, we have the ability to make new choices.