Our Facilitators are the key ingredient to the success of this program. Discussions on race involve deep feelings and long histories. Facilitators must first experience the program as a participant and are then eligible to return for this important role. Our training program teaches how we create a safe place that encourages participants to share openly and comfortably. We assign two Facilitators to each group so it’s a team approach that makes the job more fun!

"Here is what our Facilitators are telling us"

Marianne Williams

The people were lovely. My co-facilitator was great and I think we worked well together. The program was all laid out but we could improvise when needed. Great visioning was done ahead. I did much more outside reading and reflected more on my thoughts concerning racism.

Clark Rinehart

It has given me new friends and greater sense of how important this work is in our community.

Dr. Tammie Moore

Personally, it made me feel more "grounded" in who I am, at this stage of my life. This experience helped me to confirm my belief that individual relationships are so important when discussing race.

Dr. Henry McKoy

I think the format was good and I particularly liked the questions where the participants reflected on their first experience with race.