Brave Conversations On Race

A safe place to learn, grow, understand


How it Works:

We have created an easy new way for our community to come together to discuss race, racism and social justice. Five white people and five people of color join a comfortable Zoom call together with trained facilitators asking questions, encouraging dialogue, learning, and finding common ground.

We established GUIDELINES of confidentiality and meet for six (6) consecutive weeks for ninety minutes and build friendships and trust along the way.

Some Questions We Ask Include:

  • When you were growing up, did you have any friends of a different race?
  • What did you learn from your parents about race?
  • What creates prejudice and how can we overcome it?
Press Play

Hear from our Graduates how this program works and how it impacted them.


Morgan Cartier Weston

I truly believe in the power of stories as a tool for connection. Many of us tend to work, live and recreate in the same circles. Our Stories allowed me to share my experiences with folks I might never meet. It’s a gift that will keep on giving.

Peggy Tatum

Our Stories is a grassroots effort that builds understanding and the opportunity to spread love in our communities.

Tony Jones

I think it provides a closer understanding of what it means to be white and to be black. In addition, it gives everyone the opportunity to open up about race problems.

Sarah Velten

Something I loved about our group was how diverse it was, both in race, age, gender and education. I could tell it was incredibly thoughtful in how the group was put together, and it provided so much value. I think it is incredible that Our Stories gives people a way to connect with others that they likely wouldn't have at first.

Angela Bendorf Jamison

This program is HUGE. It’s opening conversations and connections. It may not be an instant fix to racism but it’s a start!

Mark Kennedy

This program needs to be promoted! It helped me better understand the issues, bridge differences, and drive change. This is how REAL Raleigh citizens come together to address important issues.


Our network of local partners in Raleigh provides a broad network of support and resources for our participants.


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